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LRC Promotes Lifestyle Security, Better Health, and Overall Financial Wellness

Services, providing solutions/strategies that motivate you to

Examples of Financial Goals.

Our calculator can be tied into your Wellness and Population Health Management group solutions. Incentives can be used to help employees reach their goals. Your biometric driven strategies can be incorporated, illustrated, and reported on to show accomplishment and help drive ROI.

FICA Federal Payroll Tax Savings

For every $250.00 your employee moves from after tax spending to a qualified savings plan annually, your federal payroll tax reduces by a minimum of $19.13 making Lifestyle Risk Calculator a negative cost addition to your benefits.


Incremental RiskCalculator Identified Expenses Per HSA



Incremental RiskCalculator Employer FICA savings Per HSA

Optional Biometrics Measurement Illustration.

Full Panel Blood Test

The LRC calculator can be configured to illustrate other blood tests.