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Lifestyle Risk Calculator demonstrates to a person how making little spending changes with their personal behaviors/lifestyle will solve financial matters. ​

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to help people manage mental stress from financial pressures.

How We Do It

We illustrate how significant the cost of unhealthy habits is in a person’s budget, keeping said person in debt and unable to progress financially. 

When a person sees how the little things, they waste money on holds them back they change their clinical and financial future by modifying unhealthy behaviors. Financial stress will diminish, and they will be on the path to a healthier and financially secure future. Employers will see improved productivity, presenteeism, and less absenteeism, illness, and accidents. A distracted employee increases risk and company profits.

Lifestyle Risk Calculator encourages people to create financial goals they want to achieve and develop a plan to get there to achieve success. Once you know where you stand you can identify opportunities to improve.

Lifestyle Risk Calculator offers many products that will help you manage and eliminate risk in your life.


The Lifestyle Risk Calculator engages and educates people on the high cost of unhealthy behavior. Achieving Financial Wellness creates better-quality financial and clinical results. Planning for and realizing debt retirement, retirement saving, and better health causes stress to fade away. Without a practicable plan, unhealthy behaviors drive the progression toward chronic disease, increase healthcare costs, drives chronic stress, and affect quality of life.

What type of unhealthy behaviors are we talking about? Overconsumption of food, alcohol, energy drinks, soda, coffee, recreational drug use, tobacco products, etc. drives obesity, addiction, overspending, and more which can rob you of the ability to achieve financial goals and causes stress.

What type of financial goals are we talking about? Participating in your 401(k) Plan and taking advantage of employer matching. HSA, IRA, and other savings strategies. Retiring school loans, credit card debt, and outstanding loans. Saving for a major purchase, house, or car.


Employers add financial wellness solutions through their benefits packages in many ways. It can be integrated with your qualified retirement plan, wellness plans, and health benefit plans. It can be set up as a stand-alone Financial Wellness plan and employers who want to create, for example, student loan debt reduction incentives, funded by the employer, can do so through the calculator. There are many different approaches that can be taken with the calculator, those can be customized by the employer and driven by what the employer's goals are.