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Financial Wellness Solution

Method that proves how to accomplish financial goals by adjusting lifestyle choices.

Top financial goals and stresses that the Lifestyle Risk Calculator resolves

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Saving for a house or car

For many people saving for a car or house seems impossible. Our calculator identifies extra, unneeded spending in areas of your life that you can cut back, redirect into financial goal funding.

401 (K)

It is more important than ever employees fully fund their qualified retirement plan offering. Take advantage of employer matching, preferential tax treatment and lower taxable income. Eliminate dependence on Social Security retirement benefits.
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Build savings for medical or retirement in an income tax advantaged plan. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-free savings account that can be used to pay for medical expenses not covered by high-deductible health plans.

Credit Card Debt

Planning Debt pay off from the elimination of bad habit spending.

Student Debt Pay Off

Use behavior cost savings to pay off student loans
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Emergency Savings

This fund serves as a safety net, only to be tapped when an emergency occurs.

Consider the cost

An employee with a consistent cigarette smoking habit, averaging 20 cigarettes a day at $6.96 a pack. Resulting in about $2,540.40 a year.

Employers, multiply that by 15% of your employee base to get an average idea of the total money spent on cigarette smoking.

Weight Management

Be in control of your eating behavior and how much is being spent on food. Overeating robs you of money that could be reallocated to your financial goals. Overeating also drives health issues.

Funding Retirement

Move spending from unhealthy behaviors to achieving retirement goals. The best approach to financial success is to illustrate your financial goal and apply the "bad" spend towards goal achievement!

Third-Party Administrators

Provide an easy tool for employees to use that not only helps them achieve Financial Wellness but also educates them on how bad behavior drives progression toward chronic disease.

Wellness Vendors

The Lifestyle Risk Calculator presents a "Crystal Ball" of financial wellness. Allowing the user to clearly see how their behavior effects their clinical and financial future. Small changes make lasting impacts on short and long-term goals.